Saturday, September 20, 2008


I just found out that a really good friend from high school is agnostic. Which made me think about how much do we really know about our friends? I know that I got so wrapped in my own life that I lost contact with a lot of friends. Not that I hated them or anything like that.

I guess I would say that I was in limbo since I rejected religion and became atheist. I had no direction, no purpose. Now I feel that I must share the freedom of being godless. It has made me rethink how religion has affected our world, and the great harm that has become of it. I bet you didn't know that Hitler was Catholic and blamed the Jews for killing Jesus(which was a common stance in the past)!

And now to get back on topic, cherish your friends, get to know them. Don't be afraid to ask one more question about them. True friends will stay true friends no matter what you ask them(with some exceptions). No indecent proposals!

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Justin said...

That common stance on the Jews killing Jesus is still a common belief today unfortunately.

I also find it highly amusing that the Bible itself deems organised religion as 'wrong'.