Saturday, September 13, 2008

Evolution of an athiest.

It all has to begin somewhere. It is theorized that life on earth started in vast oceans rich with inorganic compounds and a hot and toxic atmosphere. My beginnings in the blogosphere are similar, even if only metaphorically speaking. The net is a vast "soup" of digital signals and information rich with bits, bytes; ones and zeros. The atmosphere of this digital world is full of misinformation, pseudo science, and writings toxic to our gullible minds.

This being my first blog, I decided to theme it around to two very important topics; Skepticism and Atheism. My skepticism started at an early age when I started to question the religious beliefs of my Christian parents. When we are all young, we are all impressionable and will believe anything we are taught by our parents and elders. Perfect examples of this are Santa Clause and the Easter bunny. We are taught that a man travels around the world in a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer to deliver presents to all the "good" children of the world, and all of this is accomplished on one single night! And we believe it. Why you may ask? It's because they are authority figures and to us, they know everything. And the same goes for or belief that a rabbit delivers chocolate eggs and other confectionary goodies... while carrying a basket! So when I was taught about the Baptist religion and their god, I believed. I didn't know better at the time. But as the saying goes, "with comes wisdom".

I started to question such things as "the great flood". If Noah brought a male and a female of every species on the ark, where are all the dinosaurs? If the aquatic dinosaurs swam, and would not be affected by higher flood waters, where are they now? If god created the heavens and the earth, then who created god? If it is a sin to kill, why is it ok to stone sinners to death? Whenever I questioned these further, I was told the bible was infallible. If man is not perfect and bound to make mistakes, and the bible is written by numerous men, isn't there chance that parts of the bible are wrong? Or "I don't fell well".

My family and friends at church were not "fundies" or hardcore "bible beaters". They provided me with love, kindness and all the tenderness and caring a child could need. I wasn't spoiled either. I also had rules that a child of non-religious parents would have, as well as the discipline too. Even though I was taught that a highly improbable god and highly improbable miracles were real, I would not trade my upbringing for anything.

Being an atheist with my religious upbringing, I disagree with the viewpoint of some of the hardcore, religion bashing atheists. Yes religion is nonsense, I won't argue that. I draw the line when it comes to the disrespect that some Christians, Muslims, Catholics, Jews, etc., who are not "fundies" that try to force their beliefs on others no matter the cost. The believers that are not fundamentalists are, for the most part, kind, caring and compassionate members of the human race. It is a shame that they are taught falsehoods and fallacies as well as that there is always an answer to every question; the bible and their god. It is ok to say "I don't know" and look for the most plausible answer.

Enough of my ramblings for now. It's not perfect. It could be debated whether or not it was even worth typing. That is for you, my readers, to decide. Just as all life on earth has done for billions of years, I'm sure, (at least I hope), that my posts evolve into a better form then the very first post


Justin said...

Here's my much as I find the idea of a 'God' creating everything with a snap of the fingers totally retarded, I find the idea of life forming purely by accident equally ridiculous. So who sowed the seeds of life on this planet you may ask? it's simple. Alien life forms. before you laugh, consider that theory any less credible then a 'God'? For all we know, all the so-called 'miracles', divine intervention, any out of the ordinary occurance mentioned in the bible, could be construed as Extraterrestrial handiwork. The bible itself has many entries concerning apparent 'otherworldly visitors'. Do you disagree?, then explain just what the hell Ezekiel saw and documented...look it up, I got time to wait...welcome back, sounds just like a friggin' spaceship doesnt it? I neither have the time or the inclination to get into all the other incidences mentioned, but they are there, if you open your mind.

On a side note to the original poster...Dude, the dinosaurs werent on the Ark because they had already been extinct for over 64 million years.

Atheistic Canadian said...

When your young and in a religious household, it's a simple question. I didn't know how long ago dinosaurs had lived. The bible distorts the timeline. Your theory is called panspermia. I can't rule it out. It is plausible, but highly improbable. I think it would be interesting to be the science experiment of an alien life form.

Justin said...

If you think about it, Extraterrestrial Lifeforms have always taken an interest in Human life, are they just curious or are they checking in on the progress of their experiment/Investment?