Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dirty words

I was just thinking about how some words feel so wrong to hear. It is all thanks to Sunday school as a child and sitting through many boring sermons in my early teens. Such words as "godless heathen", "Atheist", and "secular". Those of you who have been through the "brain washing" of religion as I have, can probably relate.

These words are not bad words in of themselves, just to pious people. I call my self an Atheist, I know that I am a godless heathen and I lead a secular lifestyle. I am still trying to get these thoughts out of my head placed there by years of mind numbing, relentless, indoctrinating teachings. But it is getting easier. I hope all of you who feel the same do not get discouraged. The journey to the full acceptance of the truth of everything is worth it. In the famous words of Richard Dawkins, it just a "Gos Delusion"

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